Take a closer look at the facts behind saturated fats

Well, I bet most of you reading this would agree that saturated fats have gotten a bad reputation over the past half of century. Many of you even may have some sort of “fat phobia” when it comes to eating saturated fats found in butter, fatty meats, eggs and dairy. This is understandable considering that the American Heart Association and several institutions, including the U.S. Department of Agricultural, recommend reducing the intake of saturated fats to a mere 10 percent or less of our total daily calories. That message is strengthened by a similar one from a majority of doctors who advised us to reduce eating fatty meats, bacon, dairy and cheese to lower cholesterol and thus lower the ri

Don't let pregnancy become a pain in the back

While women may be able to catch a reprieve from the nausea, dizziness and fatigue that plague their first trimester, many unfortunately find themselves dealing with the onset of back pain in their second and third trimesters. Back pain during pregnancy is fairly common and happens for a number of reasons. Weight gain averages between 20 to 35 pounds, which puts pressure on the joints and nerves of the spine. This can lead to pain and discomfort. Postural changes can also contribute to pain as the body’s natural curves are exaggerated during pregnancy. Toward the end of pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin, responsible for loosening the ligaments in the pelvis to prepare for birth, can also a

Exposing America's Silent Killer: Chronic inflammation

When it comes to inflammation, most of us think of a specific injury that causes a part of the body to become painful and visibly swollen and red such as a sprained ankle, knee or wrist. And rightfully so; this is the body’s response to an acute injury or traumatic event. Most healthcare practitioners learned of inflammation in this same context: Infection or some traumatic injury to the body such as a sprain, broken bone or pulled muscle. Inflammation was rarely discussed as a “chronic, low-grade simmering swelling” affecting every cell in our body. However, inflammation now is characterized as the “Silent Killer” that is known to promote cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, wide-spread musc

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