What you need to know about the female athlete triad

Kids need to be active! Portion control starts at an early age! Teach them healthy eating! That’s what we all keep hearing, right? And we all want to do right by our kids, but how much is too much, and how far do we take it? These are all questions I find myself addressing with my patients and my parenting peers. Now don’t get me wrong, I preach about healthy eating and exercise, but there comes a time, especially with our girls, that we need to address what happens when these ideals are taken to extremes. For some girls, not balancing their bodies’ needs and their activity levels can have dire consequences. I am talking about the female athlete triad. The triad is defined as a syndrome of d

So much for keeping resolutions; try these steps to health, wellness

“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it a thousand times.” — Mark Twain This observation by the great American writer and humorist easily could have been said about diet and weight loss. Many have tried it a thousand times, and we usually start Jan. 1 of every year. Health clubs are packed, new members sign up and weight loss programs and classes start booking up. Goals are set, and we promise to make this year the one in which we truly make changes for the better. So how’s it going? I have already started to see the gym less crowded from the first few weeks. I always heard that Super Bowl weekend is when people blow it out of the water with their

Seek proper injury rehabilitation before your body goes on guard

When it comes to injury and chronic pain, a commonly overlooked aspect is motor control and tone. More importantly, inappropriate muscle tone and control. It is important to remember that tightness is the body’s emergency brake that is reserved for when a fault or failure occurs. The constant tightness is a way to slow down our movement and keep us from injuring ourselves when normal muscle function is inhibited. This includes fatigue, injury or avoidance of pain. It also allows us to continue functioning even when there is a fault in the system. For example, if you sprain your ankle, local tearing of the tissue and loss of function occurs followed by pain and a reflex for the body to remove

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