Timing of your meals may influence your health

The study of diet and how it influences health has been a topic of interest for centuries. Previous study into diet has looked into micronutrient deficiencies, discovery of super foods, proportions of macronutrients and many others areas. These areas of study have led to improvements in dietary recommendations. Although positive improvements have been made through the years, there are some areas where current dietary recommendations fall short for some people. There are several challenges in providing dietary advice to people. It has been underestimate the strong psychological tie some people can have to some foods. Trying to get people to eliminate or reduce certain foods can been challengi

When you eat is just as important as what you eat

When it comes to finding the perfect diet and weight loss programs in the ongoing pursuit to look better, feel better and live longer, we are frequently bombarded with information overload. Ketogenic, paleo, vegan, Mediterranean, DASH, Weight Watchers, low carb-high fat, high carb-low fat diets all promise results. No wonder we are confused. By now I am sure you have heard something about fasting or intermittent fasting. There has been a huge interest in limiting food intake and how it pertains to our health. Some may think of this as a fad diet, but there is a lot of research backed behind fasting. In fact, one of the most reproducible interventions that have been shown to modulate the agin

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