Understanding scoliosis and the treatments involved

In this blog we are going to discuss scoliosis. We will cover the definition, when to provide treatment, types of treatment, when to be concerned and when to not be worried about the diagnosis. Scoliosis as defined by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons is a spinal curvature in the coronal (frontal) plane. The coronal plane refers to observing a left and/or right curvature in the spine. The curves typically are classified as an S- or C-shaped curvature. These are exactly like you would think. If the spine is shaped like a C, then it is called a C-shaped scoliosis. If it is shaped like an S, then it is an S-shaped scoliosis. Basic screening for scoliosis takes place in grade sch

Don't let exercising become a burden on your spine

A majority of popular fitness plans continue to include motions that require the participant to apply force while simultaneously loading the spine. This is dangerous as the stress on the spine is amplified by the amount of flexion versus how much weight is loaded to the structures of the back. Before we talk about the risks of flexion-based exercises, however, let’s cover the basic physics and material science that play a role with the human body. First, let’s use the foundation of a building as an example of how the spine serves its role in the body. For the most part, a building’s foundation is ridged. It has to be able to resist and distribute large amounts of weight evenly to prevent the

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