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Make this year's resolutions ones to remember

The New Year’s celebration has come and gone, but unfortunately for so many of us, so have our New Year’s resolutions. Promises made to eat right, weigh less and exercise more have taken a back seat to last year’s habits. But it’s not to late get back on track or even start fresh.

The most common resolution focuses on weight loss. It’s not uncommon that many of us will struggle with this resolution year after year. Here are five tips to realize your goal and maintain it so you don’t have to have the same resolution next year.

Be realistic

If your goal is out of reach, then the chances of failure are going to be higher. Achieving a goal creates momentum to achieve the next goal. It is a form of positive reinforcement that will serve you well in getting to your long-term goal.

Develop a plan

The likelihood of achieving your goal is going to be much more difficult and will most likely take longer if you don’t have a strategy in place to achieve your goal.

Be flexible

Be willing to modify the plan when needed even if you start with a great plan. Don’t be dogmatic in your approach. The best-laid plans may need to be adjusted.

Seek help

For almost any goal there is probably someone out there who has achieved that goal and even helped other people achieve the same goal.

Get support

There are likely going to be times when motivation to achieve your goal will dwindle. Find people to support and help you continue with the pursuit of your goal.


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