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Let TPI certified professional help swing your game to next level

Are you a golfer looking to increase your distance off the tee or improve the consistency of your ball striking? Maybe you are looking to reduce back pain or risk of other injuries to maintain your ability to golf?

If so, we have the tools to take your game to the next level.

What can a Titleist Performance Institute Movement Screen do for your golf game? During the past 20 years, the Titleist Performance Institute has conducted extensive research on thousands of golfers ranging from top professionals to the weekend amateur. Using 3D Motion capture and sensor technology, TPI analyzes swing mechanics to better understand how to create more power, improve ball striking and increase efficiency while cutting down on injuries. Twenty-five of the top 30 golfers in the world along with the winners of 18 of the past 20 major championships were TPI advised players.

A TPI Movement Screen offers many benefits for golfers looking to increase their performance and/or prevent injuries. Unlike most movement screens, the TPI screen uses the Body-Swing Connection to specifically focus on creating the most efficient swing by identifying common swing faults related to muscle imbalance, range of motion limitations and overall body mechanics. The screen will assess body mechanics, movement quality, physical fitness and health history to provide the tools needed to build the most efficient swing and increase performance and power for more consistent ball striking while reducing the risk of injury on the golf course.

Following the TPI screen, you will receive a copy of the findings of the assessment, most likely swing characteristics and a detailed corrective-exercise routine to help improve movement limitations and build muscle stability. The TPI movement screen will give you the tools necessary to help achieve a more powerful, consistent and efficient swing.

Steve Washburn, PTA, is the only Titleist Performance Institute Medical 2 certified professional in the Springfield area with the skills to address golf-specific injuries and rehabilitation. Steve identifies and addresses the underlying cause of pain not only to treat injuries but reduce the likelihood of recurrence.


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